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New Forced Sissy Sex Preview Picture

Last week we posted a new preview picture on Sissifuss.  We thought it would be nice to show everyone an example of some of the commissions we have done so we chose a recent drawing that we thought you'd all like.  It features two pretty sissy boys in sexy lingerie having sex in front of their mistresses.  It also shows how we usually caption our commission pictures, unlike our magazine images that just have accompanying stories.

Issue 6 ready for reading

I'm pleased to announce that our frilly new issue in online today. 

Sissifuss issue 6 features humiliation, domination, voyeurism,  sissy sluts, bondage and pretty sissy boys.  Y'know, everything that you love to read about. 

Have a look at the front cover - oh that poor boy, his pretty lips are in for a very long evening, but at least he gets to wear that lovely dress!

love Sissi xx

Picture Commissions

For a while Sissifuss have been unoffically accepting picture commissions, basically just as and when people have asked us to draw something for them. We've just launched this as an official service on our website (because we love drawing your ideas as much as we love drawing ours) and you can read about guide prices on our commissions page.

As well as creating totally new images to your specifications, we will alter any existing Sissifuss image so you can fulfil your fantasies however you choose. We can even add captions of your choice if you want us to.

Email us with any questions, as always.

New homepage design

Ok, when I say design, it's mainly just a new picture, but it's a new picture of two pretty sissy boys, and it was long overdue.  We're very happy with how it looks, we're just gutted we don't actually own those outfits and that they came from our imagination instead of from a life study.

*sigh* to be jealous of a cartoon you drew yourself?  Gosh, sissies are silly...

** Issue 5 online today **

The new issue of Sissifuss is online now. 

Get your fix of sissification and forced feminization stories and pictures.

You can preview the front cover and take a look at our favourite sissy cover girl so far.

Issue 5 contains sissy fantasy favourites including:
- bondage
- chastity
- sissy maids
- sissy princesses
- blackmailing sissies
- pretty dresses
- sexy lingerie

and more.


love Sissi xx

TV News free preview now online

As I promised before, the free preview of our new sissy comic strip TV News is now online at sissifuss.com.

You can go straight to the preview here - Sissifuss' free TV News preview.

TV News appears in Sissifuss from issue 4 onwards and features sissies exposed live at prime time.  Just be sure that next time it isn't you!

Let me know what you think

Remember, alert our news team to any sissy activity you suspect in your neighbourhood before its too late!

love Sissi xx

Issue 4 finally online!

Sissifuss Issue 4 online!
Well, after a few delays we have finally uploaded issue 4. You'll find it packed full of all the kinds of stories and features you've come to expect from us. View the front cover for a preview of this month's illustrated stories.

New feature - TV News
As well as more of the new features that Sissi included last month (a new double length story, Sissi's Assignments and Becoming Miss Lacey) we have a new little feature this month. TV News is a little comic strip detailing publicly exposed sissies. Let us know what you think. We're working on a TV News to go on our free preview page so we'll let you know when that's online.

So check out issue 4 of Sissifuss now for all your sissy fantasy picture and story needs!

Remember we always love to hear what you think of the magazine - we write it for you girls after all!

love Sissi


Issue 3 online now!

The new issue of Sissifuss is now online.

Check it out now for all your sissy story and picture needs!

You can view the front cover there to get an idea of what is inside.

We've some special new features this month too, including:

- a double length story with two illustrations

- Sissi's Assignment of the Month - complete our assignment and let us know how you got on!

- Becoming Miss Lacey - the diary of an ordinary married man who's wife has some special plans for him...

We also have all our regular features including our full page illustrated stories, our sissy fashion and style page (we hope you'll love our Get the Look - Sissy Maid feature), Dr Gurlify's answer's to your problems and our Reader's personal fantasy.

lots of love Sissi xx

LipStickers 2006 - we want your best pics!

Exciting news, girls!

Our new sissy LipStickers album is starting collecting stickers now! Send us your best sissy photos for a chance to make it into the album. There are 5 categories:

* Sissy Maids

* Little Misses

* Sexy Sluts

* Office Tarts

* Party Girls

Read the rules here and then send your photos to sissifuss@hotmail.co.uk

There'll be 10 winners in each category, selected for the best outfits and pictures. Winners will be added to the album as they are received so check back to see the sticker book fill up!

If you're included in the album you'll receive a special graphic to include on your LJ/MySpace/blog/webpage proving you're a LipStickers winner!

Visit Sissifuss to find out all about the album and the categories.

love Sissi


Issue 2 online now!

The 2nd issue of Sissifuss is now available for download. We think its even better than Issue 1 (especially as we have shed our paypal restrictions and can now be more graphic ;-) ).

To get an idea of what's inside, go to our sissy stories purchase page to see the front cover of Issue 2.

We also have an improved site design - hope you girls like it :-)